Warranty & Liability

House of Jamie supplies quality products. It may still be the case, however, that you receive an item that isn't absolutely perfect or that becomes defective once you start to use it. If you have a product that you know contains faults, please stop using it near your child.

How to invoke the warranty or our liability:
If you wish to invoke the warranty or our liability, you may do so, providing that you have correctly followed the instructions for use and the washing instructions: The item may only be washed using a normal washing programme. You must not allow the product to soak and must not use a handwash or wool-wash programme, unless stated on the care label.

Your complaint will be justified if it was not caused by:

• Damage caused by intentional acts or negligence.

• Improper use or lack of maintenance.

• Changes or repair work carried out upon the item in an amateurish way by the consumer or by a third
  party, without the permission of House of Jamie.

• Natural and/or normal wear and tear.

• Small colour differences in our collections. Due to the natural dyeing process, our fabrics can have minor
  variations from time to time.

• Damage that resulted from not following the user instructions (correctly)

This is what you can expect from House of Jamie:

We guarantee that the items to be supplied comply with the customary standards and requirements that may be applied to the item in question and that the item is free of faults.

• The warranty mentioned above is valid for a period of 30 days after the delivery date.

• Your proof of purchase will act as a guarantee certificate.

• In the event that the items to be supplied do not fulfill those guarantees, House of Jamie shall decide at
  its own discretion whether to replace the item or take steps to ensure its repair.

• Replacement or repair of the item will take place within 14 days of receipt. If an item is replaced, you
  hereby undertake to return the item being replaced to House of Jamie and to assign the rights of
  ownership of that item to House of Jamie.

• The guarantee referred to shall not apply if the defect has arisen as a result of injudicious or improper
  use or if modifications have been made or an attempt has been made to modify the goods by the
  contracting party or a third party or the goods have been used for purposes for which they are not
  designed, without the written consent of House of Jamie.


• In the event of a defective item, House of Jamie is liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the

• House of Jamie accepts no claim for damage as a result of washing, drying, ironing, steaming or other
  forms of treatments on the delivered product.

• House of Jamie cannot be held liable for any damage, physical, tangible or intangible, which would be
  the result of malfunction or incorrect use of the products sold by House of Jamie.