Home & Decor: Christmas DIY

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Home & Decor: Christmas DIY

Turn your home into a Chrismas paradise!

The days are shorter, it’s cold outside and Sinterklaas has left our little country. That means only one thing: Christmas is almost here! As you can notice I’m pretty excited, but who can blame me? A Christmas tree, good food, Santa Claus, your family around, all those lovely lights and decorations. Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. I have some ideas to transform your own home into a Christmas paradise.
Brighten up the place with some creative candle light. Instead of putting your tea light into a holder you can make a snowman out of it. Make a cute hat or earwarmers, combine this with a scarf and you have your own little snowman.
Decorations that you can find in the woods, that’s convenient! Collect a bunch of pinecones and dip them in white paint to give them a snowy look.
A very easy way to bring Christmas into your home: put some tiny Christmas trees with fake snow in a bowl to spice up the room.
With Christmas, you are allowed to put glitters on everything, even on the leaves you find in the forest. Perfect as a Christmassy decoration.
Paint those pinecones green to create a little Christmas tree. Easy and fun to make with all your friends or with your mum and dad.


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